03 December 2008

Findlay Market 1974 Remodel an HUB Center

My dad found this at a garage sale. Booklet celebrating the grand re-opening of Findlay Market and the new HUB Center:


Hudy Buger

HUB Site Plan

Notice St. John Church, and Webster School (now a playground)

Cincinnati had a Soho District??

Buildings on the south side of Elder just demolished for the new HUB Center. Most of the buildings on the north side of the street are still there today, although altered. The vacant building on the right with a attached one-story building was sandblasted by Hart Realty soon after this photo:

Yunger Cafe on Elm, just closed a few years ago

Notice glass doors to the swimming pool, now metal and brick:

NEC Green and Race:

Demo at NWC Green and Republic Streets:

Senior Center:

HUB Services:

Love the style of the architects and planners:

All new inside:

Supergraphics and the red color scheme:

Jerry Springer, Tom Luken, David Mann, Ted Berry at the ground breaking:

Why it was upgraded:

Town Center Concept for urban renewal:

The HUB courtyard, which is now a parking lot was envisioned as something better:


ekalb said...

Wow, those are great articles.

Quimbob said...

hey ! there's Buddy Gray between Luken and Springer !
I vaguely remember the Soho Underground from the early 80s. There used to be a LaRosa's over on the NW corner of Central Parkway and Findlay, too.
Was the Silver Dollar where Mr Pigs is today ?

CityKin said...

That picture with the Silver Dollar is misleading because it is nowhere near Findlay Market. Apparently they had a HUB Center at 1321 Vine before the new one near the market was built. The Silver Dollar was on Vine, just south of 14th and was in operation through most of the 90's. It was a total dive and the building was demolished earlier this year for the new condo building now under construction.

I don't see Buddy in any of the pictures. I think you are mistaking some other long-haired guy for him.

Quimbob said...

whatever, a hippie is a hippie.