29 December 2008

Newport KY Comeback City

Article in Louisville Courrier Journal here.

...The economic revitalization of Newport has occurred through property value changes in HOPE VI and non-HOPE VI neighborhoods. The HOPE VI areas have experienced a higher appreciation in property value than those in non-historic and non-HOPE VI areas. Historic Preservation districts have had the largest increase in property values.

...Newport received a big assist from Cincinnati by reinvigorating downtown Cincinnati through the development of new museums and professional sports stadiums for the Cincinnati Reds and Bengals.


Quimbob said...

That's an odd article. Super superficial.
the comments are fun, tho
"But I still miss the Jockey Club"

CityKin said...

Yeah, the article is fluff, but I like to see how people from distant locales see us.

Radarman said...

What is with the hatred for Cincinnati whenever comments are allowed? It festers. Cab drivers afraid to drive downtown? That's nonsense.

Kevin LeMaster said...

"While Cincinnati continues to go down the tubes, we in Newport walk our streets in safety, sip cappuccino at the levee and gaze out across the river ... and smile."

And just a few blocks away, people are living in cardboard shacks.

Get a grip...you live in a city.