10 December 2008

Lego Goes Urban - Green Grocer Set

(Click Pic for Larger View)

I always found it challenging to create an ornamented building with Legos. New specially themed kits are available to construct buildings that could easily feel at home in OTR!

You construct each story as a stand-alone project and then stack them. They're easy to unstack to play with the furnishings inside.

The first floor has refrigerated shelves, doors that open, and food cartons. Pass the mailbox complete with letters and there’s a stairway to the apartment above. Large windows on the sides make the detail easy to see.

Upstairs curtains adorn the windows, and a fireplace commands the living room. A banister graces the stairs, while a rear fire escape folds down for even more realism. Another banister ascends to the 3rd floor which has a grandfather clock and a radiator. A rooftop balcony with seats, umbrella and a grill round out the perfect urban lifestyle.

This set is recommended for ages 16+, due to the sheer volume of parts and the intricacy of assembly. It'll also set you back about a hundred and a half, so it's not for the faint of heart. But the fun and daydreams are more than worth it.


Matt said...

I want one! Great post Mark!
There's also a replica of the Oakley Theater on the LEGO site, which is pretty cool:
Good to see not everything LEGO is tied to some other brand.

VisuaLingual said...

Wow, this is wild... The "16+" recommendation is pretty funny; isn't that the oldest age group yet for Lego? What's the recommended age for Mindstorm?

CityKin said...

Is it really recommended for 16y.o. and above?

If my kids had this, it would never look like the illustration, and the pieces would be scattered.

Randy Simes said...

This looks amazing. I might go out and get it for myself to play around with.

hellogerard said...

That's awesome! You could buy several and put them side by side to create a whole OTR block.

Kevin LeMaster said...

Hell, I'd play with that too, Randy.