07 December 2008

Rat Contractor

This piece of paper was so wet it almost had become part of the sidewalk. I have no idea what the disagreement is about, but the wording is not very persuasive:


kcitti said...

I am so sick of those things. They are everywhere. The people handing them out are paid to do so and know nothing about them.

They are very poorly worded, and to this day, I can't figure out what the picture on the bottom is.

I'd like the city to fine the union or whoever it is for every single piece of paper that litters the sidewalks, particularly near the Kroger Building.

CityKin said...

Yeah, "tell her it's time for a...blob drawing"...what?

DP said...

Do they ever bring out the giant inflatable rat in Cincy?

Photos from Archiblaster blog

[Only slightly larger than the ones seen in the Subway...]

Anonymous said...

It looks like a clenched fist to me.

5chw4r7z said...

I've seen the inflatable rat around downtown. I thought I had a picture but I can't find it.
They should have actual union people protesting instead of contractors. How ironic would it be if the protesters were paid better than the janitors?

CityKin said...

Dave, Now I can see the fist.