31 December 2008

Misc Links for a Slow Week

Save Our Land Save Our Towns

Free Public Transport

A farmer in Eaton

Local Painter, Greg Storer

Kate's Random Musings

Urban Reinventors

Edward Glaeser Harvard Prof on urbanism

Making things from found objects

Jake Mecklenborg's Cincy Transit Site:

Scans of interesting books

Public Schooling Blog

A place to buy vinyl records online.

Bedbugger article on Cincinnati

A neighbor of mine, of a younger generation, blogging about sneakers etc..

I didn't vote for Obama so that he could spend $960 Million on more highways!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking to Bedbugger.com!

Sadly, many residents of your fine city have had bed bugs, and many of them have come to our forums. We're here for anyone who needs bed bug information or support.

CityKin said...

^thanks, we need the help.