30 November 2008

Lustron Home

I spotted this yesterday, in Danville, OH, which is a very small town near Hillsboro. Lustron was a prefabricated steel home with enameled panels that was made in Columbus in 1949 and 1950. I've personally only seen two of them, and they seem to have held up remarkably well, even with no maintenance (as advertised). I would very much like to see the original interior, which was also 100% enameled. Instead of nails, you would use magnets to hang pictures. This one appears to have been fitted with a wood burning stove, but is otherwise unadulterated.

UPDATE: A good story on Lustron here


Quimbob said...

I remember seeing a house that looked like this up in the northern area of Springfield, OH (Floral Ave. ?).
This house might be it. Unfortunately, no address or contact info.

Anonymous said...

There's one in my neighborhood, on Sycamore Road, about a block in from Kenwood Road. Also, our best friends live in one in Hamilton, New York. Lots of nice built-in shelves and storage. It's a little gem of a house.

Blue Ash Mom

Anonymous said...

Wonder if you received the analog tv signal better in these homes. Wouldnt think you would need to adjust the rabbit ears much.

Anonymous said...

Lima, Ohio has 2 or 3 that still survive.

Anonymous said...

There is one way up north in downtown Mason across from the library... It looks to be in great shape. I've always thought it was an interesting home.

CityKin said...

Thanks everyone for giving me tips on several around town. I had no idea there was one in Kenwood and Mason.

I think factory built homes are very interesting, but each venture is doomed to failure, because you cannot make a house like a car. A car is placeless. The essence of a house is place.