03 November 2008

Saturday Walk

We are between seasons for Saturday sports for the kids and we unexpectedly had a Saturday with beautiful weather and nothing to do. So we took an aimless walk. We first went to run and errand or two downtown. Then we took the #1 bus to the Mt Adams, to see Visual Lingual and the Family Saturday fun stuff. The kids had a blast at the Art Museum doing the Scavenger hunt. Instead of taking the bus, though, we walked back and snapped a few photos:

Metro inclement weather notice:

Eve at the sound of God's voice:

Atman Sculpture. Mark Di Suvero I really don't like this sculpture, and the swing doesn't swing:

Steps down from Art Museum to Gilbert:

We happened upon a snake and osage oranges:


Teddy bear memorial:


Thirteenth Street:

Grafitti, list of names:

Beehive remnants:

Current SCPA, old Woodward:

The new SCPA:


Anonymous said...

Im surprised how green it still is, and the number of leaves on the trees. Is this typical for November in Cincinnati?

CityKin said...

I think our leaves are a week or two behind usual. It continues to be very warm this week.

VisuaLingual said...

Agreed, the swing is stupid. You can hurt yourself while trying to swing on it.