11 November 2008

Parkside Cafe on McMillan

Stopped at the Parkside Cafe in Walnut Hills last weekend for lunch. It is located in an old Frisch's restaurant. This is a breakfast and lunch place only. No Dinner. The positives: lots of parking, open weekends, very affordable and decent service. The negative: the food was just about as generic as could be. But sometimes that fits the bill.

One item on the menu diverged from the standard hamburger, chicken fingers or BLT, and that was the deep-fried green beans. Maybe next time.
[where: 1026 East McMillan, Cincinnati, OH 45206]


steve-o said...

They have a pretty good breakfast selection. We eat there some Saturday mornings.

ekalb said...

If only someone would do the same with the Diner on Sycamore! I have always thought that if it just offered a simple cheap menu it would take off. It was made for a Steak and Lemonade location.

Anonymous said...

We really like the Parkside. We go there for lunch between SuperSaturday classes down the street at UC's OMI. Good omelet and great "Parkside potatoes" which are a cross between french fries and potato chips. Prices are great and the staff is friendly. The food isn't gourmet but it's tasty. Last month there was an exhibit of beautiful oil paintings by an Art Academy professor.

I support the Parkside because it's great that someone feels it's important to establish small businesses within the city. So even if I didn't love the Parkside potatoes I would go just to support them.