24 November 2008

13th and Republic Construction

Hard to believe condos at this corner. Still drug dealers at this corner often. The rear wall, which was solid a month ago is not almost all glass:

There is steel cantilevered out at the second floor level for balconies:


Brandon Druffel said...

Possibly one of my favorite buildings in OTR

Anonymous said...

I agree, one of the most beautiful buildings in the neighborhood.
I really wish it would have been ready when we were looking at places to buy!
I really hope the crime on this corner will be cleaned up once people start moving in.
The only reason its been a favorite hangout for drug dealers for so many years is simply because its been essentially abandoned and hidden from site.
With all these new "eyes" moving into the neighborhood its going to make that spot a much less desirable location to conduct business.

Randy Simes said...

Looking good...I love that they opened up that side of the building with those windows and that they plan to add balconies. This building also has a rooftop deck I'm guessing for the top-level unit. Urban Sites has been knocking them out of the park lately (see Trideca across the street).

Dan said...

Totally agree that is a great building.

Anonymous said...

Will be happy to see the hooligans gone from this corner. They're harmless for the most part but totally obnoxious, even going so far as to try and stop traffic to peddle their wares.

The other building in the first photo (Mottainai)is coming along quickly too. It's amazing to consider this structure was a complete derelict less than two months ago.