26 November 2008

Flatiron Building Still Vacant

While going through old photos, I happened upon this ten year-old picture of a vacant building on Vine Street. Today the building looks much the same. I seem to remember that the owner, Sachdev Navneet, has been prosecuted, and I believe even jailed by the City Building Department for failure to improve his properties. Too bad, it is a neat building. I'm posting it now, because it is apparently slated for demolition:

[Where: 1914 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202]


Anonymous said...

No!!! Thats the one at Hust alley right?? I love that building.

Rev. Judy R. M. Burroughs said...

I would love to have this building and develop it for my business and as a resource for the community.
Any investors out there?

CityKin said...

I think the problem is the owner, who does not want to sell and does not seem to have the ability to rehab it.

Unknown said...

Been a while since I have been inside, but an interesting building. Stairs are at the south end, with only four rooms each floor. Needs a new roof, of course. Nice view from up there. He also owned the now vacant lot to the south. He tried to get me to buy it at the time. Definitely one of the most strange and stubborn people I have ever met.