24 November 2008

Balluminaria 2008

At the risk of looking like I am rubbing it in to CityKin, we managed to make it to Balluminaria Saturday. It was very cold, but enjoyable. We cruised in a little after 5:00 pm (how sad is it that I checked my Twitter feed to confirm the time) and scored parking on Gilbert right next to the park entrance.

It was just me, the wife and the boy, but the boy was excited to see the ballons, even if he looked like Randy from A Christmas Story. I tried my best with the pictures, and learned fast and wide lenses are the way to go.

I was most impressed by the Brass Quartet that played. It was cold. Cold + metal instruments is not a particulary good time, but they gutted it out till after 5:30, and I think they closed shop because of the PA system firing up to coordinate things rather than give up because of the cold.

Choosing to cruise over to Pomi's was a less ideal choice. See, there was this little football game going on at Nippert. We will definitely go again, but I think an event let that screams group outing.

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