21 November 2008

Restaurants in Cincy Parks

I took the survey and found the questions about a potential restaurant in Burnet Woods interesting. Of course this is all hypothetical and such, but it is fun to dream, and fun to see how people are thinking about this. In my opinion, most of the parks should already have some kind of concession stand similar to #5:

The Cincinnati Park Board is considering whether or not to license a restaurant to be built on the Clifton Avenue edge of Burnet Woods (much like Tavern on the Green in New York's Central Park). We’d like your reaction to several possibilities they are considering.

1. The Burnet Woods Organic Cafe will feature organic and all natural burgers, free range poultry, Smoothie Bar with fresh seasonal fruits, as well as many vegetarian options. All fruits and vegetables will be locally grown when possible, organic when not local (such as bananas and oranges). An herb garden in the restaurant will supply much of the herbs and spices needed for the food. Local micro-brews will be on tap as well as bottles of local wines in the cellar to celebrate Cincinnati's creative juices. It's like your local bar and grill, but more environmentally responsible. The building will be a green, LEED certified building using only sustainable materials. Solar panels will line the roof to supply it's own energy. The building and the furniture will appear to have sprung from Burnet Woods itself. Wooden tables and chairs, soft neutrals, fresh flowers, and stone fireplace all decorate the inside. Local artists share their work on the walls. Outdoor seating available in spring through early fall to enjoy the beauty of the woods. On Friday and Saturday evenings, local musical acts take the stage to entertain diners and guests late into the evening.
Please indicate how much you agree or disagree with the following statements.

2. Uptown Live is a unique theater dining experience located in scenic Burnet Woods near the Gas Light District of Clifton. The performances offered will vary from comedy to cabaret to live plays. The menu will be in the vein of a traditional American steak house that also features other types of cuisine such as seafood and vegetarian dishes. Our extensive wine list will feature exclusive wines from around the world. During the lunch hours live music will be played ranging from light jazz to classical and feature a lighter fare menu. This unparalleled experience will attract those seeking to enjoy both good theater and fine dining. Premium pricing will reflect the distinct ambiance and atmosphere of Uptown Live.

3. Nestled into a hillside of Burnet Woods is Le Jardin. This new restaurant invites people to escape the noise and speed of the surrounding area to enjoy a healthy, organic and ultra fresh dining experience. Displayed at the entrance is a garden full of vegetables and herbs which are cut in front of you to prepare your soups, salads and meats. You can even pick out your own vegetables! While you are waiting for your food, you take in the wonderful view of the park through the glass ceiling and glass walls of this LEED certified building. The menu rotates based on seasons and harvest times always bringing you something new and fresh. Every other weekend, the restaurant hosts an educational series on composting and gardening sponsored by the Cincinnati Parks. The atmosphere of Le Jardin is very organic and relaxed, as if everything moves a little more naturally in this part of the city.
Please indicate how much you agree or disagree with the following statements.

4. The Tree House CafĂ© is centered around the nature philosophy of Burnet Woods. Its purpose is to immerse the customers in the beauty of nature. The physical design will resemble a tree house, or simulate the feel of a tree house. It features open-air dining with removable glass panels to adapt to winter conditions. It will be a place where customers can observe and enjoy nature while they dine. It will be a unique structure that people from Cincinnati as well as tourists will want to experience. The outside appearance should also avoid detracting from the natural beauty in which it is set. The first floor will feature a trendy bar area for mingling while the second floor will feature casual indoor dining as well as an outside patio area. The restaurant will have a wide variety of menu options priced around $7 - $20. It will feature vegetarian offerings, classic American fare, pastas, seafood, kids’ food, etc. The restaurant will also have a "park food" menu, which means easy to carry and eat on-the-run.
Please indicate how much you agree or disagree with the following statements.

5. A stop by the Picnic Source is an essential part of any day in Burnet Woods. The Picnic Source is located in a small stone building and serves up authentic picnic food to the people in Burnet Woods. If you are just passing through the park by yourself, stop by and grab a sandwich, wrap, or salad and head out to any part of the park to enjoy the food and take in the scenery. After a jog or a round of disc golf, stop by to power up on a smoothie or just grab a Gatorade-to-go out of the cooler. You can also call ahead on the weekend and place a Picnic Order and bring the whole family out. With the Picnic Order you can choose from an assortment of “Baskets” to take anywhere in the park. The “Classic Basket” has your choice of sandwiches, pasta salads, fruits, and snacks included. It also comes with a big Cincinnati Parks canvas blanket for the family to share. The “Grillin’ Out Basket” has your choice of packages of hot dogs or ground beef, baked beans, potato chips, and a small bag of charcoal to use in the grills located around the park. Let the Picnic Source help you create unforgettable experiences in Burnet Woods for family outings, dates, or even personal retreats from the hectic urban life.


Randy Simes said...

I like #5 as well, but in any case I think something should be added to the site.

WestEnder said...

Nice ideas but I'd hate to see it accompanied by a big parking lot. How would that be deal with, I wonder?

CityKin said...

I thought the Tree House was better for this location. The steak house type maybe for the Lytle Park location. The Clifton Community I think will definitely fight any removal of park land and trees, especially for more parking.