28 January 2008

Tourists in Cincy


Many times when I am walking around downtown I will see people who are obviously tourists. This photo is of a young Japanese couple, snapping photos of the buildings. Sunday it seemed like there were a lot of people walking around taking pictures. It was sunny, but still pretty cold, so I was wondering what brings someone half-way around the world to Cincinnati on a cold January day?

Sometimes it is obviously a businessman, touring the city where he is on business, but not most of the time. This couple looked more like newlyweds than business partners. Were they here as part of a cross-US trip, stopping at various cities? I wonder what they think of this place.


5chw4r7z said...

It is interesting to spend time on the Square and watch people take pictures. I wonder how many an hour are taken?
Have you also noticed, I have, pulling out a camera downtown is like throwing meat into a tank of piranha. The panhandlers paunch all over you.
I think because they feel anyone with a camera is a visitor, and maybe has money to spare.

Dan said...

Since it was nice out yesterday, I too went out and took pictures around downtown. Ran in to tourists in front of Freedom Center, taking pictures of each other with Paul Brown Stadium in background. They then headed across the Suspension Bridge. I just love seeing that and wish we just had even more of it.

Randy Simes said...

I have actually never been bothered when out and about taking pictures Downtown.

As for the tourists, I'm sure at first they're skeptical...but like with most people the City grows on them.

Chris S said...

I saw these same folks downtown snapping pictures right at the corner of 4th and Vine where I work...

Small world :)

I actually thought to ask them about how they liked the city until I saw them trying to talk to a cab driver (when it became apparent that they probably couldn't have answered my question from the English they knew)