01 January 2008

Heroin in OTR

Google notifies me of recent online posts about "Over-the-Rhine". Because of this, I know more about Linford Detweiler than I ever cared to know. However, sometimes some downright strange posts come to my inbox. For example the following exchange on a druggie website (link, probably not work safe):

Due to circumstances beyond my control I am out of pods for 4 days or so and I need to be well for work, so I will be traveling up to Cincinnati to cop some heroin. I haven't been there for this purpose in awhile so I was curious if much has changed. Still open air over the rhine? Any other general safety tips?

Nothing specific, of course. Thanks

1. Either there or Vine-ish.
http://youtube.com/watch?v=yCM_wQy4YVg - Ron Paul 2008

2. Just take care man.


Beach said...

It's good to see that his information is coming from a Ron Paul supporter.

Dan said...

Ok, that is weird and bizarre.

5chw4r7z said...

Holy crap!
I don't know why I'm shocked, it never occurred to me the addicts would have their own forum.
I wonder if you could get him to let you know when he's coming in town so the police can be alerted.

Anonymous said...

OTR for drugs? no way dude!! Cops everywhere! and I heard the residents have taken over the streets. Go north my friend to Crossroads Church where they welcome you with your open needled arms then head to the Streets of West Chester and Mason! and don't come back. ;)

Kevin LeMaster said...

^ LOL. Maybe you should join that forum and spread some misinformation....

Anonymous said...

That forum is based around harm reduction.
It is not a "druggie" site.
There are people there that are chronic pain patients with serious illnesses.
There are also doctors, teachers, lawyers, pharmacists, college students, men of science, soccer moms, etc.
These people are your friends, loved ones and neighbors.
Not everyone who posts there is a heroin addict and not everyone who posts there is even an addict.
You people should be ashamed of yourselves for being so judgemental.