10 January 2008

Furniture Stores Downtown

When we were looking for furniture a few years ago, we felt lost. We couldn't find anything we liked. The only place downtown we knew of was Contemporary Galleries and we did end up getting a few things there, but never could find shelving that we liked. We didn't like much of the stuff at the department stores. Now, I realize we missed a few places:


High Street

Mainly Art


With these downtown, and a Crate and Barrel in Norwood and an IKEA in West Chester, it will soon be easier to furnish a home.

And apparently A Lucky Step is a furniture store soon to open on Vine (1218 or 1220?). I googled this store, and found and interesting article about the owner:

For Angelita Jones this time, the tears that flowed were tears of joy.
The Home Builders Association of Greater Cincinnati awarded her third place in the contemporary favorite decorating category at Homearama 2002, held in South Lebanon a week ago.

“This is wonderful,” Mrs. Jones said. “I don't care if it is third place or whatever or whether it was for decorating toilet paper. I am just glad to be a winner.”

Mrs. Jones, who owns A Lucky Step furniture store in Evendale, was among the 57 winners given awards for traditional, transitional and contemporary interior and exterior decorations; favorite landscaping, family room and great room, kitchen and dining room; favorite home, bedroom suite, bath, lower level, outdoor living and family gathering area.

She has kept the store going after witnessing the shooting death of her husband, Stephen Jones, there last August.

Mr. Jones was a co-owner with her in the business they started two years ago. She called 911 and reported the shooting. Alonzo Campbell, 38, of Walnut Hills, was arrested and charged with aggravated murder, murder, felonious assault and illegally possessing a weapon as a convicted felon.

He was convicted and sentenced to 20 to 100 years.

Mrs. Jones has struggled to put the incident behind her while continuing to operate the furniture store and her other business, Eastern Personnel Services in downtown Cincinnati.

“I don't have anything else to do but keep going,” she said.“This award will help lift my spirit.”

The home she decorated was built by Perry Bush Custom Homes in Fairfield. Other winners in that category were: Eagle Custom Homes Inc., Sycamore Township, first place; and Shonave Custom Homes Inc., Mason, second place.


Anonymous said...

There is also Elign Retro at 8th and Main.

VisuaLingual said...

...and DesignSmith Gallery on Main:

The Vintage Poster Bank on Main also has some furniture:

CityKin said...

^Thanks. I'll expand the list. I'm not much of a shopper and have not even been in most of these places, thats why I wanted to make a list for myself for future reference.

Any other recommendations welcome.

Julie said...

If you have to get anything framed, I highly recommend Vintage Poster Bank.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Crate and Barrel going into Kenwood, not Norwood?

CityKin said...

Sorry, anything north of Clifton, I get confused.

Originally it was hoped for the Rookwood Commons area (Norwood), but since that development was stopped over the eminent domain lawsuits, I think Kenwood grabbed it.

bsherm said...

To add to the list, Mainly Art on Main (mainlyart.com) sells used modern furniture. They have a lot of cool stuff, and I hear more in a warehouse somewhere. I bought my Aeron chair there.

Anonymous said...

Downtown there is Elign (think that is the correct spelling) has great office furniture as well as some more domestic pieces.