04 January 2008

Obama Victor

2008 was looking to be a terrible year, especially if we were going to listen to Clinton and Romney smear each other all summer. After both of them getting defeated last night, I am so relieved. The two candidates that explicitly support bicycling won Iowa. (Huckabee apparently rides his bike to the grocery store, and Obama has bicycles as a part of his platform).

Since Huckabee is unlikely to win the GOP nomination, it is looking more like a McCain vs Obama, and that is our best hope for a civilized campaign based on issues.
(photo found on Chicago Tribune site)

As president, Barack Obama will re-evaluate the transportation funding process to ensure that smart growth considerations are taken into account. Obama will build upon his efforts in the Senate to ensure that more Metropolitan Planning Organizations create policies to incentivize greater bicycle and pedestrian usage of roads and sidewalks, and he will also re-commit federal resources to public mass transportation projects across the country. Building more livable and sustainable communities will not only reduce the amount of time individuals spent commuting, but will also have significant benefits to air quality, public health and reducing greenhouse gas emissions."


Radarman said...

Ok. I've always disparaged one issue candidates, but if the one issue is bicycles, he's got my vote

5chw4r7z said...

I see that as very unlikely.
It going to be Romney vs. Huckabee since its Thompson's race to lose and he's pulling out all the stops to do just that.

CityKin said...

Romney put tons of effort into Iowa, and McCain didnt' even go there, but tied for 3rd. Romney is very well-funded, but he has been detected as a fake, and Iowans and New Hampsirians hate fakes, which they showed last night. Perhaps Huckabee will pull it off, and perhaps Romney will make a comeback later this month, but neither of them could defeat Obama.

I still don't get why the GOP hates McCain. Self-defeatists if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

Cool Pic! I am restoring a 1961 Murray tricycle like that for my Son.