08 January 2008

Rain Walk

Saturday morning, it was raining, but unseasonably warm. Our goal was to go to the museum and run a few errands. We almost took the car, but decided to walk.

Of course you must be prepared:

We had a fun time running, walking and splashing our way around town. I am so glad we didn't drive.

I sometimes wonder who spends more time in the outdoors, city dwellers or suburbanites? Our friends in New York are outdoors walking a lot. In Cincinnati, many urbanites still drive everywhere, so the differences could be small.

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liberal foodie said...

I used to live in a metro city on the East Coast and walked as much as possible. Here it seems impossible to get anywhere without a car, but that's also because we live in the suburbs. Next time we move, it will be in a city and I am selling my car.