14 January 2008

Clinton Team Sliming Obama

I think the Clintons have looked at Obama's growing black support and made a simple calculation. If they can ratchet up their white votes by a constant drum-beat of Obama drug references, and they can ratchet up their female votes by portraying Clinton as a victim of male bullying in the media, then they can eke out a victory. A close victory - you know, the kind of margin Karl Rove prefers. Small, tilted to your base, and with your opponent slimed for good. -Andrew Sullivan
I would only add that not only are they racheting up the drug dealing stuff, but also the rumors that he is a Muslim that won't say the Pledge of Allegiance. Then seeing Hillary on Meet the Press Sunday claiming that Obama really did support the war, when it was her that voted for it. Damn, this is dirty business.

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