08 September 2007

Vacant Building on Vine

I was suprised to see this building vacant and boarded up today. There are two buildings here on Vine Street in Avondale (across the street from the cemetery) and they always seemed OK on the outside. Each one must have at least a dozen apartments.


Building Department records show that it was occupied earlier this year, and started suffering from severe neglect with electrical problems, the water being turned off, trash, and then on March 19th, a fire in one of the buildings. J & P Real Estate has owned them since 1999. This stretch of Vine is in terrible shape, and I can't imagine any redevelopment here anytime soon. What a mess.
[where: 3784, 3790 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45217]

A before photo:

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GoofyRobo said...

I noticed one day on the way to the zoo that these were all boarded up. I remember all thru the 80s and up to recently seeing people in and around these and then just suddenly nothing.