05 September 2007

Offender Notification Update

The 1,000 foot restriction on sex-offendors has been shot down.

See Citybeat blog and Enquirer article on this.

Greg Korte follows-up with an entry about the offenders that refuse to register.

I touched on this issue a couple weeks ago here.

The more I think about it, the more I think the residency restrictions are folly. I remain convinced that registration is probably a good idea though, at least for the child molestors and serial/violent rapists.

The 1,000 foot rule was only shot down for people convicted before the law was enacted. It should be revoked for all offenders.

1 comment:

Randy Simes said...

I have done some pretty extensive research on this 1000 foot rule, and have seen no strong correlation between where sex offenders lived when they committed their crime and the relationship to a school, park, library, etc.

These individuals are mainly clustered in dense environments (apartment complexes, multi families, etc). If you further expand upon this 1000 foot buffer you will encourage more to not register and go into hiding and/or further cluster these inviduals much like you see with the Hispanic community.

I agree...the 1000 foot laws should go, but the registration/notification is a good idea that should definitely continue.