11 September 2007

City Districts See Enrollment Decline

Large urban districts continue to see enrollment declines as per this article in the Toledo Blade.

Enrollment in Ohio’s largest school districts appears to have declined again, continuing a trend of diminishing numbers in urban systems that started more than a decade ago.

School leaders blamed charter schools, vouchers, low birth rates, and suburban migration for the declines.

The number of charter schools in the state, for example, increased slightly over last year and the number of private-school vouchers that were awarded more than doubled.
Across the state, the largest school systems have reported declines in each of the last five years.

Although thousands of students have made the switch to charter schools since 1998 and now some parents are using taxpayer money for private school tuition for the second year statewide, the decline in urban districts started well before either program existed in Ohio.


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