10 September 2007

Another Building Saved by Historic District

15 years ago, these two buildings were run-down slum housing. The buildings were occupied, but had never been rehabbed. They had been bled by slumlord after slumlord, and they were in very rough shape. I wish I had photos, because you wouldn't believe it by looking at them today.

In the early 1990's the owner, Mr. Cliff Rydell, had a plan, a beautiful plan: He wanted to demolish them for parking. Wow what a unique idea!

By the way, these buildings are on the southern edge of Over-the-Rhine, and they face Broadway Commons, which is acres and acres of parking. There are also large parking lots to the west and north. This corner of OTR was in a precarious position. Would our neighborhood turn into a parking lot for the Central Businsess District, or would it stay a residential neighborhood?

Mr Rydell applied for demolition permits and was denied. He then, evicted all the people. Then he made holes in the roof and removed parts of the rear of the building. He claimed that the missing wall made the building unstable. The Historic Conservation Board however, stood firm and stopped him from further demolition. Eventually Mr. Rydell gave up and left.

Later the buildings were sold to Urban Sites, who renovated them into condos selling anywhere from 100k to 338k.

Here are the buildings today:

[Where: 404 Reading Road, Cincinnati, OH 45202]
Would you rather live in a neighborhood with this or with another parking lot?

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