11 September 2007

Six Years Ago

It is amazing to see the difference in public attitude over the past six years. Six years ago today, in my family, we had a little baby, that had been born in the tumult of the April riots. Six years ago today, in the morning, after midnight feedings, a drowsy morning, the normal family juggle, and office routines, we all went to the nearest TV to see the towers collapsing.

The terrorist attacks immediately changed the mood in our troubled neighborhood and also removed the national spotlight. It was weird how fast the sentiment changed.

Fast-forward to now. Here we are, close to the disastrous end of this presidency, and we are looking forward to more democrats in office, and more revitalized cities. I heard Roxanne Qualls on the radio yesterday, and she was saying that there are many people who want to live in a city like Cincinnati. The tone was so positive. However, it made me a bit nervous as to what the next turn of events will entail for our city. Could the foreclosure problem change everything? I think it definitely could, and the effects could extend for years.

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