27 September 2007

Orion Students in Bus Fight


Three 6yr old boys got in a fight on the bus and the police were called. They were on their wasy to Orion Charter School. I don't think a minor event like this should make it on the TV news, however, it is hard to see how a school bus driver cannot handle three 6yr olds. I mean they are only six years old!

Every parent whose kids use the yellow bus service will give you a litany of complaints on the service, mostly centered on the drivers. Riggs and Peterman, who provide the service to CPS have problems keeping to a regular schedule. They allow their drivers to play rap music, and you can forget about getting to school on time if your regular driver calls in sick. The substitute driver usually can't figure out where and when to pick you up.

By the way, Orion is located on the site of the former grand St. Bonaventure Church in lower Fairmount:

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Anonymous said...

Sad about this fight. I agree it is mind boggling that bus drivers can't intervene and control 6 year olds.

Also an interesting thing is that the charter school movement claims more recently that they may not be better academicaly than public schools, but they are safer.