20 September 2007

Charlie Hustle II

What candidate for council has the most energetic, purposeful, and spirited campaign? What candidate has called me with robo-messages at least half a dozen times, starting this past summer? What candidate has the most straightforward (some might say simplistic)campaign themes? What candidate for years, lead chanting group demonstrations in front of drug dealer's houses? Who is at every church festival and community meeting shaking hands and giving his spiel? What candidate pays people to stand in front of EVERY SINGLE VOTING location to hand out his literature (not party literature, his stuff)? In short which candidate hustles the hardest?

Charlie Winburn .... is the new Charlie Hustle. He just does not stop. What a passion.

Too bad he:
1. is a Republican,
2. is pastor of the Encampment Church, which is fine, except I assume that is why he has not supported equal rights for gays.
3. has made crime is his only issue.

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