23 September 2010

Green Trends Reach OTR

I'm pretty skeptical of buildings that claim to be green, especially when they require demolition or are located in former farm fields. However, it is a growing trend and there are architects out there getting rehabs in OTR certified by LEED as green. Here is the score for the Belmain (where Kaldi's was and the new location of Park + Vine):
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top green building trends to watch:

"Green building has been a bright spot in an otherwise lackluster year, and Northwest design and building communities have been at the forefront." ...green homes are generally secure from price erosion.

The smart grid and connected home... Energy labeling ...Lenders and insurers are realizing green home and building owners are more responsible, place higher value on maintenance and lower operating costs, and are less likely to default..."Rightsizing" of homes....Eco-districts...Water conservation...Carbon Calculation...Net Zero Buildings ... Sustainable building education...


Julie said...

This is the second LEED building-- Mottainai was the first.

Shannanb said...

I miss Kaldi's. My husband and I had our first date there when I was in high school.