25 September 2010

Finally Some Calm


As they say on the web: OMG! this weekend has been absolutely beautiful. The sky is that deep blue and the sun is still strong and warm, but the air just began turning slightly cool. In another month it will get all cold gray and rainy, but today...today everyone is out on the sidewalks, in the parks and just enjoying life. I love the way the light pours into our rooms on an evening like this.

Every window in our house is open and as the breeze passes through, it brings in all kinds of beautiful voices. Earlier, no one was playing a radio, so the only sounds are natural voices mixed with far-off sounds of trains and cars. The kids had an exhausting round of soccer today and are playing nicely with silly bandz and such, so their voices are blending in with those from outside.

Unfortunately now a preacher has shown up in Washington Park. He comes almost every Saturday. He is playing some crappy country Jesus music. Strange how he thinks that all the poor people need is some Jesus music and somehow they won't be poor or drunk anymore.

(The picture above is of the Northside Tavern from the courtyard of the Picnic and Pantry. We had a sandwich there between soccer games, and also stopped in on the Raymond Thunder Sky Carnival, which was very cool.)


Quimbob said...

EllaNet !

Dave said...

Fall colors are here in the north! Winter is coming early.

VisuaLingual said...

OMG, you wrote, "OMG."