08 September 2010

Corner of Freeport and Campbell

This is the corner of two alleys. The wider alley (to the left), Campbell, is actually a twenty-foot wide back street. The other alley is just a one-block long alley named Freeport. I suspect Freeport will disappear someday soon. There once stood on this small block, 16 buildings that included a significant church, maybe a hundred residences and a dozen businesses. Gayle Smith now owns it. He demolished several buildings, and now Findlay Market is doing some raised bed gardening here. This property is on a very visible corner (Elm and Liberty), it will be on the streetcar line and I suppose it could be a major redevelopment spot.

The auditor's map of the area:

1703 Elm, last year, now gone and planted with okra:

In this 1996 aerial you can see 7 buildings that are now gone:

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