15 September 2010

Betts House and Music Hall Engraving

The Betts House just announced their next exhibit, and the flyer had this wonderful print on the front.

1880 Democratic National Convention in Music Hall:
I'm not sure which wing the convention took place. I know that there was both a north wing called Machinery Hall and a south wing called the Art Hall. The south wing is now the ballroom, and the north wing is now filled with offices and backstage operations.

Several people have told me that they used to attend boxing matches in the north wing. In this Enquirer piece, they do confirm that the north wing did indeed hold athletic events:
In 1927 North and south wings are expanded, including the new Topper Club Ballroom (called Graystone Ballroom for African-Americans). The north wing is made into one of America's finest athletic arenas, seating 6,000 for boxing, tennis and basketball

1946: Wrestling, boxing and the U.C. Bearcats basketball team are among the sports attractions in the north wing...
Anyway, I am not sure who has been running the Betts House lately, but they always seem to have great exhibits. Here is the description of this one:
FROM QUEEN CITY TO PORKOPOLIS: Prints of Cincinnati, 1860-1890

On display October 2 through November 18, 2010, this new exhibit offers views of Cincinnati during its 19th century “heyday” from notable national publications, including Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper and Harper’s Weekly. The exhibit features historic prints on loan from the Mary Baskett Collection and an anonymous lender.

Opening reception: October 2nd, 5 – 8 pm

[where: 416 Clark Street, Cincinnati, OH 45203]


Patty said...

Since I have had the privilege to work with her, I'll chime in that Julie Carpenter was hired on as the Betts House director two years ago. She's a transplant from northwestern Ohio who has worked in several museums in Washington D.C., as well as having worked in Hawaii. She definitely has been working hard to network the house and bring in interesting exhibits that reach more of the community.

Hope you stop in and enjoy the new exhibit!

Dan said...

Mike: As I understand it the Convention was in the main hall. It at one time looked like the image. It was later converted more to what you see now with a stage, proscenium opening, backstage, etc.

CityKin said...

^interesting Dan.

Radarman said...

Julie Carpenter just put together Museum Day on Fountain Square. She really is extraordinary.

VisuaLingual said...

I have to second the comment about Julie -- over the past couple of years, she really seems to have broadened the programming at the Betts House and has also done a great job of bringing to new audiences into the venue.

If I'm not mistaken, Mike, you visited for the first time because of our exhibit earlier this year, which was part of her push to include more diverse exhibits that dovetail with the ideas around the built environment. Over the next year or so, there will be a few more art exhibits along those lines, focusing on the work of artists I'd suggested to her. I think she's really a positive force at the Betts House.