28 March 2010

Sleeping on Car Trips

I had proposed to my wife that we lay the rear seats down in the car
and make beds for the kids so that we could drive in the night while
they rest. When I was a kid this is what our parents did. My wife
objected because then they would be without seatbelts. She has a
point, but it is so sad to see their crooked necks as they fall asleep
sitting upright. To me, the worst aspect of driving for a vacation is
the inability to sleep. Personally, I cannot read either, so the
whole thing is kinda frustrating. Books on tape are our best
solution so far.

Any opinions on the sleeping flat option for the kids?


Kimberly said...

Bungy-cord them in. Keep them as close to the side of the vehicle as you can & put foam on the ends so there is no scratching on the skin. I don't know what the law has to say about that but I would have loved to have laid flat while on car trips. I can not sleep sitting up!

Quimbob said...

Seems like strapping a kid down in a "mummy" sleeping bag would work. The point is to keep you from flying around in the car.
No idea what the regulational logic was that mandated kids seats, tho.

Dave said...

...Memories of summer trips in the family station wagon... travelling long distances without hotel accomodation....

Anonymous said...

We always used a neck-cushion with DD when she was out of the boosters with nice sides. I hated the day she was out of the 5pt harness - watching her posture move all around to be comfortable.

ThatDeborahGirl said...

Lol. Have you seen the trailer for the new documentary due out this May called Babies?

I can't wait to see this but my first thought - and a lot of the comments after - point out just how uptight we are as Western parents.

Check it out.

CityKin said...

^that trailer is great Deb

Anonymous said...

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