24 March 2010

Detroit Border

This aerial photo shows a partially demolished Detroit neighborhood with an intact neighborhood just across a moat in Grosse Point. No commentary, just thought it was interesting:
This location on Google Maps here.

Similar aerial views can be seen when looking at Israel and both sides of the wall that divides Jews from Palestinians.


Paul Wilham said...

If you look at Cincinnati photos you will see a similar situation in parts of Avondale, OTR, west End and especially Fairmount.

For example the lower parts of Knox and Waverly closer to Beekman there are only a couple of houses per block.

We do not realize the effects of a demolition "here and there" by the city from year to year until you look at the cumulative effect.

CityKin said...

Agreed Paul. It just isn't as clearly shown as in this example. This one even has a moat!

Dave said...

The Motor City is moving forward with the idea to demolish some of the blight that compensates their fire departments handsomly each Devils Night in favor of urban farming opportunities. It may be a longshot but so was the westward expansion across the plains in covered wagons. I predict this idea will take a wave of rural immigrants with the knowledge and work ethic required to operate a farm in order to see significant progress in my lifetime.