02 March 2010

Mt Echo Exploring

Still fascinated by East Price Hill. Last Sunday, daughter had a birthday party to attend there, so son and I explored Mt Echo Park.

The views from the overlooks are fantastic. I just had my cell phone camera, but we sat here a while watching the Southern Railway trains heading up into the hills of Kentucky while the tow boats re-arranged the barges.

We took a hike on one of the very under used trails and ended up off trail and finding cool stuff, like fossils, old bottles and identifying plants, etc...

Found this spooky vacant house in the woods with a view of the river:
[where: 2736 Montreal Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45204)

The undercanopy of most of the woods is choked with honeysuckle bushes. At the entry to the park, the undergrowth has been cleared, and they left some great swinging vines. This was a hit:

Strange vacant house across from the park entry:

[where: 360 Elberon Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45204]

Next stop: Embshoff Woods.

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Radarman said...

Don't miss the Steinkamp house on Suire. East Price Hill could be the most walkable suburb as well as one of the prettiest.