09 February 2009

Two Vacant Storefronts on Main

First, the recently closed Kaldis: Right Side: 

Left Side: 
[Where: 1204 Main Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202]

Another building, The Davis Furniture Building. This is kinda sad, because rain water from the roof is flowing down though the whole building soaking everything: 
Looks like this was bought over a year ago by Celine Piri, Owner of a Staffing Company.

[Where: 1119-23 Main Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202]


Jason said...

Yikes, those first two pictures of Kaldi's are heartbreaking. That place holds so many good memories, it just kills me to see it gone.

Erik W. Laursen said...

The loss of Kaldi's is shattering. That was the first place I took my parents after I moved here and they came to visit.

Paul Wilham said...

As someone who has been looking for commercial building space for our business around Findlay and the Brewery area, I have to say these buildings are in much better shape than most I have looked at.

The Water problems are REALLY what hurts old structures the most. So many buildings are boarded and when you look at them the insides are shot from years of water damage and the prices are unrealistic given the condition.