17 February 2009

Toy Lab

In contrast to the Chuck E Cheese b-day party, we were invited to a birthday party at The Toy Lab Saturday. This place was great. The workers wear lab coats and discuss making toys in an entertaing way for the kids. Then they kids go and pick out parts of broken toys, and get them assembled as new toys. The kids then name the toys and describe their special powers to everyone. The kids loved it.

Prof in window: 

Deciding how to assemble: 

A finished toy: 


Anonymous said...

Toy lab is great. We have done several birthday parties there and it's a blast (for me at least). I always recommend it, and it is sometimes surprising how many parents are unaware of what they have to offer.


Lewis said...

You can check out all the various toy creations online, too.

Toy Lab is part of Happen Inc. a local non-profit that does all sorts of creative classes for families. The main location is in Northside. Take a look at Happen's website for more info.