06 February 2009

Tom Bacher at Weston

I learned a few things last night. First I learned more about the Weston Art Gallery. This is the gallery at the SW corner of 6th and Walnut. Half of the gallery is on the lower level out of view of the street windows, so some people may not be very aware of it. I learned that their mission is to exhibit well-recognized artists who have a Cincinnati background.

The current exhibit is "Luminous Paintings by Tom Bacher". Last night Tom spoke about his work and took questions. He talked about his process and his life journey. He was blacklisted in Cincinnati in the 70's, and he left town to live in New York, though I think he now lives in downtown Cincinnati. He has an engaging personality.

His talk mentioned: Pratt, Mapplethorpe, glow in the dark rosaries, UFOs, Times Square, Arizona, LA, Elder HS, Dyslexia, self taught method, uranium, 1972, Michael Phelps, dog crap, Hall of Mirrors paintings 7'x 20', gnats, Arts Consortium, Gimmicks, Taft Museum protests, Post editorial, Landscapes, photo-realism, abstracts, additive vs subtractive coloring, sanding the canvas...

The exhibit is beautiful, and I would recommend taking children, as the luminosity will get their attention.

The exhibit will run until March 21st, but next weekend would be the best time to go:
- Sat Feb 14, 10am-Noon, Children ages 5-12 can meet the artist!
- Sun Feb 15, 2pm, Contemporary Performer's Workshop Recital


VisuaLingual said...

I second the recommendation to check out this exhibit, and to keep an eye out for upcoming exhibits at the Weston. It's a great exhibition space with an ambitious schedule and a really convenient location [for some of us, at least].

Unknown said...

Thanks, I'll try to tear HoneyHaired Grrrl away from her homework and take her down there. Looks great.