05 October 2010

Kid Summer Journal

I think we gave our kids a great summer. And what better gift can you give a kid? Here is some amusing quotes from our son's first page of his summer journal:
First Day of summer break.
On the first day of summer break, when I was dreaming that all the furniture could move and the piano and the nail clippers could talk, and they were messing our house up some, and my sister was fighting some pillows that could move and place mats were flying everywhere. What do you think I did? I woke up.

Then I went in my mom's room and told her about the dream, and then we had fun because we were at the garden and we were working there and then we got all wet with the hose, and we picked some spinach. Then we ate the spinach with peaches and butterfly noodles and I ate mine all up.

Second Day of summer break
On the second day of summer break I cleaned the house a little and the house next door, and it does not look nice in there but I almost finished a room then we ate lunch. Then we went to a park and I met a new friend. Mom bought popsicles and then we went to Graeters and mom bought us some ice cream. Then we went home and watched a movie and then we ate dinner that we picked at our garden. ... and we eat strawberries with chocolate on them and we walked over and we ate crackers and we went to one more place to eat lemon sorbet, and then we went home with a visitor
Not sure if he really had that much sweet stuff on the second day, but I wouldn't doubt it. They are so spoiled.


VisuaLingual said...

LOL! What are butterfly noodles?

CityKin said...

^farfalla, bowtie etc

CityKin said...


Quimbob said...

your kid eats spinach?

justforview said...

^with peaches? Sounds intriguing.