20 October 2010

Halloween Options for Downtowners

When I was a kid Halloween was a second rate holiday consisting of a few hours of fun on the last day of October. Today there are whole stores dedicated to costumes and decorations and tons of events for kids. In a way I don't like it, but since trick-or-treating door to door in Over the Rhine is not really a fun time, I do appreciate that there are plenty of other options for our children in the next 10 days. The events we are choosing from include the Zoo's Hallzooween, the Cub Scouts' Spook-a-ree, and Halloween Nights at Parky's Farm. Instead of going to a farm to pick a pumpkin, this year, I think we are just going to Findlay Market. What other events are there?

NOTE: posting will continue to be very light for the next couple weeks as I work through a busy schedule.


Quimbob said...

Zombie Walk downtown on the 29th. Kids would probably love it but I don't know how kid friendly the participants might be.

Anonymous said...

Our living downtown solution to trick-or-treat has usually been a combination of the zoo and a trip to the grandparents "in the country" - at this point, my father loves the tradition of getting to take his granddaughter trick-or-treating (he asks about it before she does now!) - so it's all worked out for us.

One year I think we also did a halloween event at the aquarium.

We've done some mall trick or treat events before (I think in Kansas, not in Cincy) and they were horrible.

VisuaLingual said...

Christmas decorations are already up at Macy's downtown, and we're over a week away from Halloween!

Shannanb said...

On Monday NKU has the Halloween Hoopla at Bank of KY center. It's free. Starts at 6pm.

RSA Course said...

Heck I'm just using Halloween as an excuse to make zillions of pumpkin-shaped desserts :D

Lauren said...

It can be considered a little tacky to drive to other neighborhoods for the purpose of trick-or-treating, but Covington's door-to-door scene isn't that great either. We drive over to Newport's East Row, and it's fantastic.