10 October 2010

Tinkering School

Tinkering School founder, Gever Tulley has a new book: Fifty Dangerous Things (You Should Let Your Children Do). It got a modest mention in the NY Times. I especially like the one dangerous thing: Take appliances apart. I plan on doing this with my son at the next opportunity.


Archer01 said...

I think my husband probably grew up under this philosophy whether his parents planned it or not. He was just a "tinkerer". He took all kinds of home appliances apart and then tried to put them back together and also had many long summer days adventuring, building and destroying with his friends in the woods behind their homes. And today as an adult, I believe all those types of experience have help to make him the unique, hard working (hands on) and successfull individual that he is today.

McEwan said...

When I (very enthusiastically) told my husband about the Tinkering School and the "Fifty Dangerous Things..." last night after reading your post, he replied:

"Wait. Kids aren't supposed to play with fire?"

I'm so thankful I married that man.

(Thanks for the link.)

CityKin said...

agree about your husband. some learn by doing better than in a classroom. I think our son might be in that category too.