24 May 2010

Enquirer Runs Wrong Headline

The Enquirer ran a headline this morning pushing their agenda on the streetcar:

The Headline said: Enquirer Poll Buoys Streetcar Foes

But when you look at the numbers they show:

19% say they would ride every day.

Cincinnati's population is just about 1/3 of a million people; 19% is 63,000 daily riders!

In addition,
31% say they would ride several times a week. That's 103,000 riders!
56% say they would ride at least monthly, that is 186,000 riders!

Seems to me the headline should have been something along the lines of "Majority of Residents Plan to Ride Streetcar".


Jason McGlone said...

It should be noted that Cincinnati proper has 333k-ish residents. So, yeah, if we're talking about only people who live in the city limits, that'd be a majority.

D R E W said...

it's the enquirer... are you really that surprised?

Unknown said...

THANK YOU! There were so many "liberties" taken with those numbers. That headline made me furious, too.

ekalb said...

With all the local blog talent in the city. It would be fantastic to see a Cincinnati version of www.gapersblock.com

More and more I feel like the business loss of the Enquirer would be the single best improvement to the overall health of the city.

VisuaLingual said...

I think yesterday was Opposite Day at the Enquirer.

5chw4r7z said...

What I can't figure out is why this story, now?
I'm convinced they're writing stories now to generate blog posts and tweets to drive page views to cincinnati.com.
I'm now longer linking or even talking about stories that apear in the Enquirer.