31 May 2010

Snack Carts and Sand Play

Sunday, after the Reds game, we rode our bikes over to Sawyer Point Park and the kids played a bit at the 1,000 hands playground. The shade of this playground under the Big Mac bridge is a welcome relief from the sweltering sun.

I have written before about how seldom concession stands are open in the Cincinnati Parks. The big concession stand was still closed, but they have this golf cart going around selling shaved ice and cold drinks:

At a meeting last week, I did get a better understanding of the playground proposal for Washington Park. One feature that is planned is a sandbox. If you are observant, you would have noticed that there are no sandboxes in Cincinnati Parks. They were common years ago, but they require a certain degree of attention and maintenance that we as a city, apparently could not muster. I find it encouraging that they are willing to try installing a new sandbox because it tells me that they are going to staff and maintain the park after construction.

At Sawyer Point Park, there is an accidental sandbox in the Volleyball Courts. The sandbox creates instant friends who collaborate in building tunnels and castles:


Radarman said...

And there's no box hockey anywhere.

CityKin said...

or badmitton, lawn bowling, etc..