12 May 2010

Mother and Son Interview

An animated interview of a mother and her boy, who has Asperger's.

Q&A from StoryCorps on Vimeo.

From Story Corps.


Archer01 said...

I love it! It's very touching. I can definitley relate. Thanks for posting it.

Joe Wessels said...
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Joe Wessels said...

Having worked with children for 11 years - eight of those a camp counselor often in regular and somewhat intense contact with young people - I'd like to think I knew how to handle each child the way I should have and that I did it regularly and well. In reality, I know that was not always the case.

Nothing particularly awful, mind you. I was a pretty unique kid myself (having grown into a rather unique adult, I think) and found myself drawn to the kids who did not seem to be like the other kids. I found myself understanding them better than many of the other adults. But I wasn't perfect.

The world just keeps getting better for our children, I think. Especially in the understanding of how each child is different and special in their own ways. And children with Asperger syndrome, along with other children with their own special concerns, are just one shining example of how the world needs every kind of person.