26 May 2010

Sprawl Becoming Less Affordable

...The meager short-term benefits of sprawl are increasingly outweighed by its profligate long-term costs. It's no longer uncrowded, no longer attractive, no longer livable. Now the last remaining argument for sprawl -- that it was affordable -- is discredited... -Andres Duany, in Portland
I found it interesting that the Oregon newspaper has tons of negative comments similar to what you would see in the Enquirer. Frankly, I think Cincinnati and Portland are both fantastic cities. I don't know why so many people hate their city so much. Does the anonymous nature of commenting encourage the vitriol, or is is the negativity encouraged by the papers as a way to drive pageviews?

Meanwhile: homebuilders in Las Vegas are busy rebuilding the bubble:
..There are 9,517 spanking new houses sitting empty. An additional 5,600 homes were repossessed by lenders in the first three months of this year and could soon be for sale.
Yet builders here are putting up 1,100 homes, and they are frantically buying lots for even more...


Radarman said...

I looked at the Portland comments. They do indeed look just like the comments in the Enquirer and they have the same feeling of class warfare. They bitterness seems to me to come from people who have no investment other than a forty year old house for which there is not much market.

5chw4r7z said...

Homebuilders build homes.
What else can they do?

CityKin said...