09 February 2010

Donna's Stop and Shop

This post is triggered by an online discussion at Victorian Antiquities about the nearest building in the photo below. It is 24 West Elder Street, and the City recently added it to a list of building's that they propose to demolish:

My earlier post on 1974 Findlay Market included this photo of these buildings:

A map of the area, there once was a school in the north half of the Findlay Playground:

Following are some photos from this weekend:

The owners of this building are completely unreachable or maybe even deceased. The tax mailing address is a housing project in the West End that was demolished years ago. The OTR Foundation included this building in a proposed receivership proposal to the City in 2008. As far as I know the receivership plan has not progressed beyond talk. The side, front:

Alianthus tree growing out of window:

Rear of the building, where two alleys meet, and across the street from the Findlay Baseball field:

Deteriorated side porches:

This corner of OTR is interesting. It is more abandoned than the rest, and many of these buildings have unreachable or stubborn owners who do nothing. These two buildings are just north of the Findlay Playground on a stub of Republic Street, near Schwarz's Point. Seems like this owner was in the news for criminal resale of baby formula or some such scandal:

More vacancy along Goose Alley. The other side of these buildings face Race Street:

Republic Street, just south of the park. The pink building on the left is a really cool lot with buildings that face both Republic and Vine Street. Not surprisingly, this is another vacant building owned by longtime slumlord Sondra Walls:

The north wall of the Sondra Wall's buildings:


Paul Wilham said...

Great Photos! I know Sondra walls is under considerable pressure from the city these days and has actually put some of her buildings up for sale.

She owns a huge tract of land in Knox Hill and a couple of houses there. I've been trying to find a developer. The lots have great views, would be great for 4-5 Big Victorian infills on the Hill with Condos townhouses running up Knox.

Anonymous said...

Shame on the city for electing to demolish instead of hold people/themselves accountable.

For shame!

5chw4r7z said...

I also find it interesting driving up Elm towards Findlay Market with all the empty buildings there.
That whole area is going to explode with people after the streetcar goes through.