22 February 2010

Apartment Posters

These things are posted all over OTR now. I know $85/week is cheap, but sharing your kitchen and bath with two strangers???


Anonymous said...

Well, that's what people did during the Depression, and for a lot of people it might as well be the Second Great Depression.

My kid is reading a Newberry Medal Book, "A Year Down Under." The main character, a Chicago high school girl, goes to live with her grandmother in a small town because her parents had to give up their apartment after the dad lost his job. The mom and dad move into a "light housekeeping" room with kitchen privileges and there's no room for the daughter in it.

The book doesn't mention it, but I imagine providing "light housekeeping" rooms must have been something people with big houses did to make *their* ends meet.

Blue Ash Mom

fiona said...

This isn't at all what occurred in the Depression. This is a company that has bought up foreclosed properties and is renting out individual rooms in a house. I have no doubt that it is renting out every available space in the house, and probably to people who would have trouble with signing a lease because of problems uncovered in a credit/background check.

As a resident of one of the neighborhoods, I don't think this is a positive development at all. It encourages transient residents at the expense of permanent residents. The house could have been purchased by a family to live in. Instead it's occupied by people with no interest in the community, just a cheap place to stay. Attractive to people who have had problems that would prevent them renting an apartment, i.e., criminal record. Not good.