18 January 2010

John Lally of Boston

This is a test to see if I can successfully attach a music clip to a post. I'm not really sure of the best way, but this one is thru "esnips".

The music is a project I have been working on for a while. The musician is Bob Schmertz, an architect from Pittsburgh who recorded four albums from 1949-1960. The recording below is from the 1960 album "Ladies Beware of an Architect". I cannot find this album anywhere, so this is digitized from an old cassette tape I copied off my partner years ago. The song is about how a plain "concrete filled pipe... a column without any clothes" has replaced the Tuscan, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian and Composite classical columns.

I especially love this stanza:
Its' sly self effacement that hid in each basement (but soon began gaining in status);
amongst wealth and passion it's now all the fashion and adds to artistic inflatus..

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He had one song: "Queen Ann Front and Mary Ann Behind" which became somewhat well known when Pete Seeger recorded it. There was a website up by an admirer, but it has been defunct for a few years.

I think he was a genius. I would like to make him more widely known, and this is my first attempt.

Any advice on how better to post music to a blog post would be appreciated. Also, please contact me if you have any of his albums.


Quimbob said...

The player isn't working here. Mac 10.4.11, Flash 10.0.

Mark Miller said...

Plays great on my antique surfin' laptop, Thinkpad P3-500, WinXP-SP3, IE8.

Just curious, which of the six orders does a tapered wood glue-lam column fall into?

CityKin said...

Hmmm, might have to try some other method if it isn't working on Macs.

Archer01 said...

Have you looked at this website: http://www.robertschmertz.com/default.asp

CityKin said...

^thanks, Archer, that site wasn't working a few weeks ago, but someone got it working again, and it has clips of all the songs.

Quimbob said...

ok, the esnips player works ok in Firefox on Mac. Looking at their support stuff, it seems to be something esnips is working on?
crazy tune....