31 January 2010

Stone House East Price Hill

I've been exploring a bit on the near west side and this is the second house I have seen made wholly from found limestone. This one is on very high ground, up behind the Cincinnati Christian University and is obviously older than everything else around it. It has ugly replacement windows and is chopped up into apartments.

The side has these buttresses, which I suppose were added when the wall started bulging or cracking. They give it a medieval feel:  

[where: 2935 Lehman Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45208]


steve-o said...

My mother was a student at Cincinnati Christian University in the 1960's (when it was known as Cincinnati Bible Seminary) and she lived in this home.

While it was privately owned, the landlord exclusively rented to seminary students. My mother always referred to it as the Old Stone Manor.

CityKin said...

Interesting. I'd love to know the age and original owner. I'm sure someone knows.

Bob said...

This was originally the home of the Union General William S. Rosencrans, during the time he commanded the military in Cincinnati and the surrounding area.

General Rosencrans bio here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Rosecrans

Brief paragraph about the house can be found in this great historic resource that takes you on various walking tours of Cincinnati: http://bit.ly/beRkBF

A great home, with wonderful symmetry and a rich history. Wish this city and her citizens cared more about Cincinnati's rich architectural history. See: http://bit.ly/d3q06w

CityKin said...

^that is some great info! Thanks. I'd like to get a copy of that book. It is on Amazon for $84

Bob said...

^ yes, def a good book. cost is an issue, though. perhaps the library has a copy? bet it's available through the Ohio Bookstore downtown, too (i love that place!)

McEwan said...