05 January 2010


Old phone number on sign at cool building that was last used as Roth Furniture, 1423 Vine


Quimbob said...

I remember using the 2 letters (associated with a word) for the first 2 digits of the phone number. We still kept the pattern of 3 & 4 numbers, tho. My old phone exchange number was FAifax 5. Any idea what the word associated with CH was ?

CityKin said...

I was wondering the same thing. I thought College Hill, but this is in OTR, so I'm not sure.

Quimbob said...

CH would be 24 so it's a regular 241 downtown exchange.

Radarman said...

I think it was CHerry

Quimbob said...

(now feeling very old)
I am thinking CHupacabra, now. The beast came up the river & chased the farmers up over the hills in the mid 1800s, so it is just right for a downtown exchange.