12 January 2010

Washington Park Pool May not Reopen

I talked with one of our lifeguards last night and he reported that Washington Park Pool will not be opening this year. Apparently Ziegler is still going to be open, which to me doesn't make much sense as Washington Park is a much better pool, and from what I can tell, no construction is planned in the park this year.


Claudia Lawrence said...
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Randy Simes said...

Yeah, I kind of saw this one coming. The pool is also not a part of the Washington Park redesign that's floating around out there either.

Dan said...

I hate posting like this, but your linkroll is missing Cyburbia (http://www.cyburbia.org, http://www.cyburbia.org/forums). It's the Internet's oldest urban planning-related Web site, and still going strong after 15 years. I have to constantly remind people that there's more than just the LA-based planning site out there - google "urban planning", and we're uaually 2nd or 3rd.

Anonymous said...

Twenty years ago, when I worked in OTR, I often took a dip in Ziegler pool during the summer months. It was a very nice pool. But it is VERY small. I don't know why anyone would think you could fit the Washington Park crowd in there.

Really, it sounds like a recipe for trouble. And, having just typed that, I realize that I'm so cynical, I could believe that's actually the plan.

Blue Ash Mom

5chw4r7z said...

Blue Ash Mom???
Really? You really think that?

Its discouraging, no wonder theres so much friction between the city and suburbs, there doesn't seem to be any common ground does there?

Anonymous said...

Schwartz, sorry I wasn't clearer. I've always been very impressed with Cincinnati's system of deep water pools. It speaks of a wonderfully progressive, equalitarian mindset, the belief that every child deserves to have a pool nearby. The pools should be a real point of pride for Cincinnati.

What I'm skeptical about is the current Recreation department's motives. Closing pools, putting in those spray parks -- they are dismantling a very wonderful legacy. I think that Cincinnati deserves better.

I was trying to say, I am so warped, I can almost believe it is part of a plan to show that pools in OTR are more trouble than they are worth. There must be some standard ratio of how many people to how many cubic feet of pool, an overcrowded pool is not safe. Swimmers bump into eachother, it's hard for the guards to see what's going on. A while back, a kid drowned in the Mason pool and the guards didn't notice in time because there was so much going on.

I was trying to say that I can't help but wonder, could it be that Recreation wouldn't mind an excuse to close even more pools, wouldn't mind the opportunity to say, Look at just happened at Ziegler pool, see how much of a liability those pools are?

That's all. I didn't mean to sound like I was bad-mouthing OTR, I was bad-mouthing Recreation.

Blue Ash Mom