15 January 2010

Late Night TV

OK, I know this is pretty irrelevant to this blog and to life in general, but I find the Conan/Leno debate kinda interesting. I never watch prime-time TV, but I often watch the late shows. That's when the kids are asleep and I have finished cleaning the kitchen and blogging etc. Personally, I prefer Jimmy Kimmel. His monologue sometime is hilarious. Craig Ferguson I also like. Conan is also good, but I never have liked Jay Leno. I can barely stand watching his show. You? Vote in my poll on the sidebar.


Quimbob said...

Actually, you make a pretty good point as to why it is relevant.
I like Conan & Leno and Ferguson is a trip. Jimmy Kimmel leaves me cold. Fallon's show is horrible & I just don't like Letterman's show anymore.
I like Max Wineberg's band, too.
On a side note, I liked Ted Koppel's Nightline a lot but the current format & talent just don't get me.

McEwan said...

I love Craig Ferguson. I can deal with Conan and Letterman. I've never cared for Leno, Kimmel, or Fallon. We don't have TV access to any of them right now, so I'm not even sure what this Conan/Leno debate is all about, though I see hints of it on Facebook and such. I'll have to look it up...