11 August 2009

Guess This City

Park in center of town:

The back of a very strange civic building:

Lots of coffee shops in this town:


Bar on Sidewalk:

Interesting Building:

hippies here are anti-cop:

across the street, the City Police Station:


Anonymous said...

Asheville? We've been thinking of visiting there ourselves since my niece just started graduate school at Western Carolina. Haven't done any research yet, though -- what kinds of kids'/family things-to-do are there?

Blue Ash Mom

CityKin said...

I found Asheville very interesting. It has a bit of a gentrification feel which I didn't like. There were several new condo buildings going up. There were more white kids with dreadlocks per capita than I've seen in a while. But also had a hillbilly and working class feel to the inner neighborhoods, which seemed affordable and pleasant. Had a very good independent bookstore in town, and tons of coffee shops. Plus it has some historic infrastructure in the old part of town and of course the Smoky Mountains nearby. Can't wait to return and spend more time there actually. Nothing like mountain air and incense to clear the mind.

Dave said...

I think the fictional town of Mayberry was based on Asheville, nice place indeed

CityKin said...

^no, that is Mt Airy which is junky sprawlville. Asheville is totally different. The Biltmore is in Asheville.

Anonymous said...

Thats right, Mt. Airy! What is the Biltmore?

CityKin said...

^the largest private home in either North or South America.